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Previous Events

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is organized by Ecovia Intelligence (formerly known as Organic Monitor). We have been organizing workshops, seminars and summits on sustainable product industries for almost 20 years. We have hosted seminars, workshops and summits at various international locations that include Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Auckland, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Paris, London, Bologna, Munich, Nuremberg and Barcelona.

Recent events organized by Ecovia Intelligence include...

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2019 Latin American edition (São Paulo, Nov '19)

         2019 Sustainable Beauty Awards (Paris, Nov '19)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2019 European edition (Paris, Nov '19)

         Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit North America (New York, July 19)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2019 European edition (Amsterdam, June 19)

         2019 Sustainable Food Awards (Amsterdam, June 19)

         Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Future Directions (Paris, May 19)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2019 North American pics (New York, May 19)

         Organic Food Masterclass: Future Evolution ( New York, May 19)

         Formulating Green Cosmetics Workshop (Paris, April 19)

         Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Future Directions (California, Jan '19)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2019 North American edition (San Francisco, Jan '19)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2018 Latin American edition (São Paulo, Nov '18)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2018 Asia-Pacific edition (Hong Kong, Nov '18)

         2018 Sustainable Beauty Awards (Paris, Nov '18)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2018 European edition (Paris, Nov '18)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2018 Asia-Pacific edition (Singapore, Sep '18)

         Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Ethical Labels (London, July 18)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2018 Latin American edition (São Paulo, June 18)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2018 European edition (Amsterdam, June 18)

         2018 Sustainable Food Awards (Amsterdam, June 18)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2018 North American pics (New York, May 18)

         Alternative Preservative Systems Workshop (Amsterdam, April 18)

         Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Food Ingredients (California, Feb '18)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2018 North American edition (San Francisco, Jan '18)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2017 Asia-Pacific edition (Singapore, Nov '17)

         Natural and Organic Symposium (Hong Kong, Nov '17)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2017 European edition pics (Paris, Nov '17)

         Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit Europe (Paris, Nov '17)

         2017 Sustainable Beauty Awards (Paris, Nov '17)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2017 Latin American edition (São Paulo, Sep 17)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2017 European edition (Amsterdam, June 17)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2017 North American edition (New York, May 17)

         Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit North America (New York, May 17)

         Global Market for Green Cosmetics Workshop (London, April 17)

         Sustainable Development of Cosmetics Workshop (Auckland, March 17)         

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2017 North American edition (San Francisco, Jan '17)

         Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Marketing & Formulation Issues (California, Jan '17)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2016 Asia-Pacific edition (Hong Kong, Nov '16)

         Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit: 2016 European edition (Paris, Oct'16)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2016 European edition (Paris, Oct '16)

         2016 Sustainable Beauty Awards (Paris, Oct '16)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2016 Latin American edition (São Paulo, Sep'16)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2016 Latin American edition (São Paulo, June 16)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2016 European edition (Amsterdam, June 16)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2016 North American pics (New York, May 16)

         Food Ingredients in Cosmetics Workshop (Paris, April 16)

         Green Materials Masterclass: Ingredients Update (California, Jan '16)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2016 North American edition (San Francisco, Jan '16)

         Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Green Labels (Bangkok, Nov '15)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2015 European edition pics (Paris, Oct '15)

         Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit (Paris, Oct'15)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2015 Latin American edition (São Paulo, Sep'15)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2015 European edition (Amsterdam, June 15)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2015 North American edition (New York, May 15)

         Green Emulsifiers & Surfactants Workshop (Barcelona, April 15)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2015 North American edition (San Francisco, Jan '15)

         Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Green Labeling (California, Jan '15)         

North America Summit Testimonials

The previous North American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit was held in New York, 8-10th May 2019. Here is a selection of testimonials from delegates at this and prior editions...

"Thank you very much...I enjoyed being a part of it."      Linda Treska, Founder & CEO, Pinch of Colour

"This was my first time attending and I thought it was fantastic and eye-opening to see all the different aspects of sustainability within the beauty and personal care segment that we all can play a role in."                         Ingredion Incorporated

"Thank you for hosting BASF at the SCS. You guys did a great job!!" BASF

"Thank you for having me at the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit. I made wonderful business contacts as well as new friends through my participation. I am very grateful."        Total Corbion PLA

"Thank you and congratulations for a wonderful conference on sustainability issues within the cosmetics industry held last week in NYC! The issues surrounding sustainability will continue to grow in importance, and it is great to know your team is there to provide venues and support for new ideas and industry collaboration toward a better future."      AAK USA

Previous Testimonials

Here is a selection of testimonials from delegates attending previous summits organized by Ecovia Intelligence (formerly Organic Monitor)...

'I speak at many events, however this is the only summit I look forward to because I learn here.'       the late Horst Rechelbacher, Founder of  Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients (USA)

'This summit was a great service to the industry. There was so much to learn. Well done!'    George Korres, Korres Natural Products (Greece)

"Thank you it is a pleasure and an honor to contribute to SCS! it is doing a great service, pushing forward sustainable agenda. I admire the work you are all doing, and look forward to more events."            Chris Kilham, Medicine Hunter and Naturex Ambassador

"I do want to thank you and Organic Monitor for the opportunity of the keynote on the first day - It was a nice experience and I had an opportunity to meet lots of people."      Jeffrey Light, Founder, Jason Natural Products

"It was a pleasure meeting all of you at the conference and an incredible conference it was! Great contacts and presentations and one of the best that I have attended in recent years! Thank you also for the special assistance you gave me on multiple fronts; it was very much appreciated!"                    Alan Perlman, Consumer Products & Retailer Services Director, NSF International

'It was a great pleasure for me to come to the Organic Monitor summit...this can only further strengthen the common interests between organizations...Congratulations for a successful and qualitative rich two days meeting.'    Beiersdorf (Germany)

"Thank you very much. It was a great summit; we would love to be involved further." Geltor

"Thanks again for the opportunity to attend the Sustainable Cosmetics Conference and to present, I learned a lot!"       PCC Natural Markets

'It was great to be at the summit! The event was really well done and a great forum for information and networking. Thank you for all of your work on putting it together. We were proud to be a sponsor.'  Partnership Capital Growth (USA) 

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Ecovia Intelligence

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Ecocert group NSF

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