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Sustainable Cosmetics Summit...
Changing the face of the beauty industry by sustainable development

The Latin American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will feature green materials, social & customer impacts, and marketing developments. For the first time, the summit will discuss the social and safety issues of cosmetics in the context of sustainability. The summit will be hosted in São Paulo on 14-15th September. Click here to get the detailed summit agenda.

What green materials are emerging to replace contentious ingredients with health and environmental risks? What are best-practices in sustainable sourcing and formulating with natural actives? How can cosmetic and ingredient firms address their carbon, water and packaging footprints? How can brands engage with customers for sustainable purchasing? What is the future outlook for ethical labels in the cosmetics industry? Such questions will be addressed in this fifth Latin American edition. More details

Since 2009, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit has been covering major developments in sustainability in the cosmetics & personal care industry. Organized by Organic Monitor, the aim of the summit is to encourage sustainability in the beauty industry by bringing together key stake-holders and debate major industry issues in a high-level forum. Other editions are hosted in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, as well as in Latin America.

Previous Latin American edition: Watch the video!

Green line

The prior Latin American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit looked at the use of food ingredients in cosmetic products, green formulations, and marketing developments. Some of the leading organizations involved in sustainability in the beauty industry convened in São Paulo on September 28-30th 2015. View the summit pics here


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