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Changing the face of the beauty industry by sustainable development

The North American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit was hosted in New York City on May 15-17th. The summit brought together about 160 senior executives from the beauty industry to discuss key sustainability issues. Green materials, digital marketing and environmental impacts were focal themes of the summit. View the summit pics here. The summit materials are now available for a professional fee. Click here for further details.

Upcoming editions of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will take place in São Paulo (10-12 Sep), Hong Kong (10-11 Nov), and Paris (24-26 Nov). The next North American edition will once again be hosted in New York in May 2015. Each edition brings together senior executives from the beauty industry. Please contact us to get more details.

Organized by Organic Monitor, the aim of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is to encourage sustainability in the beauty industry by bringing together key stake-holders and debate major issues in a high-level forum. In 2014, further editions will be hosted in Latin America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific. More details

Previous Edition: Watch the video!

Green line

The prior North American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit took place in New York City on 16-18th May 2013. A major outcome from the summit was that the cosmetics industry needs to address consumer behavior if it is to make strides in reducing its environmental footprint. There were calls for more sustainable purchases, responsible consumption and production of cosmetic & personal care products. View the summit pics here


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