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Previous Events

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is organised by Ecovia Intelligence. We have been organising workshops, seminars and summits on sustainable product industries for over 20 years. We host seminars, workshops and summits at various international locations that include Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Auckland, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Paris, London, Bologna, Munich, Nuremberg and Barcelona.

Recent events organised by Ecovia Intelligence include...

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2023 North American Edition (New York, May 23)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2023 North American Edition (San Francisco, Jan '23)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2022 Latin American edition (São Paulo, Nov '22)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2022 European edition pics (Paris, Nov 22)

         2022 Sustainable Beauty Awards (Paris, Nov 22)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2022 European edition (Amsterdam, July 22)

         2022 Sustainable Food Awards (Amsterdam, July 22)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2022 North American Virtual Edition (Online, May 22)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2022 North American Virtual Edition (Online, Jan '22)

         2021 Sustainable Beauty Awards (Online, Oct 21)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2021 European Virtual Edition (Online, Oct 21)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2021 European Virtual edition (Online, June 21)

        2021 Sustainable Food Awards (Online, June 21)

        Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit 2021 NA Virtual Edition (Online, March 21)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2021 Asia-Pacific Virtual edition (Online, March 21)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2021 North American Virtual Edition (Online, Jan '21)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2018 European edition (Amsterdam, June 18)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2018 North American edition (New York, May 18)

          Alternative Preservatives Workshop (Amsterdam, April 18)

         Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Food Ingredients (California, Feb '18)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2018 North American edition (San Francisco, Jan '18)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2017 Asia-Pacific edition (Singapore, Nov '17)

         Natural and Organic Symposium (Hong Kong, Nov '17)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2017 European edition pics (Paris, Nov '17)

         Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit Europe (Paris, Nov '17)

         2017 Sustainable Beauty Awards (Paris, Nov '17)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2017 Latin American edition (São Paulo, Sep 17)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2017 European edition (Amsterdam, June 17)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2017 North American edition (New York, May 17)

         Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit North America (New York, May 17)

         Global Market for Green Cosmetics Workshop (London, April 17)

         Sustainable Development of Cosmetics Workshop (Auckland, March 17)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2017 North American edition (San Francisco, Jan '17)

         Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Marketing & Formulation Issues (California, Jan '17)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2016 Asia-Pacific edition pics (Hong Kong, Nov '16)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2016 European edition (Amsterdam, June 16)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2016 North American pics (New York, May 16)

         Food Ingredients in Cosmetics Workshop (Paris, April 16)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2016 North American edition (San Francisco, Jan '16)

         Green Materials Masterclass: Ingredients Update (California, Jan'16)

         Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Green Labels (Bangkok, Nov '15)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2015 European edition pics (Paris, Oct '15)

         Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit (Paris, Oct'15)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2015 Latin American edition (São Paulo, Sep'15)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2015 European edition (Amsterdam, June 15)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2015 North American edition (New York, May 15)

         Green Emulsifiers & Surfactants Workshop (Barcelona, April 15)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2015 North American edition (San Francisco, Jan '15)

         Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Green Labeling (California, Jan '15) 

Previous Summit Testimonials

Previous Asia-Pacific editions of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit were also hosted in Hong Kong. Here is a selection of testimonials from participants...

“Thank you again for inviting me to your wonderful summit, I enjoyed it a lot!”      Luigi Bergamaschi, owner of L’Erbolario (Italy)

“On behalf of Number Three, we want to thank Organic Monitor for the selection of topics and speakers, as well as for the preparation of the summit. It was a fantastic experience for our team, and we are really looking forward to coming summits on the region.”      Number Three Inc. (Japan)

“I am honored to be able to participate at this summit. It's well organized and the topics are very prospective. Thanks for your invitation and thanks for the team's efforts.      Humane Society International (Hong Kong)

“Thank you for the presentations! It was a really interesting programme at the Summit and it was our pleasure to be invited.”            H&M (China)


Previous Testimonials

Here is a selection of testimonials from delegates attending previous Asia-Pacific editions of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit...

"Thank you for the organization! From this excellent summit I have got many interesting and very useful information!"       Givaudan Fragrances Shanghai (China)

"I would like to congratulate Organic Monitor for putting together this successful conference and also thank you for the workshop."     Capitol Ingredients (Australia)

"Thanks for the insight from the summit...we have made some tangible progress in furthering our sustainability commitment."        SaSa (Hong Kong)

"It was a pleasure meeting you and the team from Organic Monitor. I enjoyed the summit, very well organised and good mix of talks!"      Seers Consulting (Singapore)

"Thank you very much for organising a good summit here in Asia."  BASF (South Korea)

"Let me thank you for the great organisation of the Summit and enabling us to listen to and interact with some of the very experienced professionals in the field of organics and cosmetics from the world over. I also thank you for the opportunity given to me to participate in this elite forum."                  Himalaya Healthcare (India)

"Thank you for inviting us to be part of SCS Hong Kong. I enjoyed the two day event very much and learned a lot form the topics presented. I also managed to get some cosmetic raw material suppliers during the event that conform (to our) requirements."   Sirim Berhad (Malaysia)

"Congratulations to the OM team, we attended the first summit in New York. Everything we have done since then has been based on that summit put on the lights for us after attending!"                      Comvita (New Zealand)


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