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Programme Overview

The Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit comprises three dedicated sessions, preceded by two training workshops...

Monday 12th November:

Workshop I: Formulating Green Cosmetics

Workshop II: Business Openings in Global Natural & Organic Cosmetics Market


Tuesday 13th November

Session One: Sustainability Developments

Session Two: Marketing Best-Practices

Session Three: Natural Ingredients for Sustainability


Detailed Programme

Monday 12th November: Day One

Workshop I: Formulating Green Cosmetics

Developing natural and organic cosmetics is fraught with technical difficulties. This workshop tackles the major technical issues when formulating such products. Details are given of green materials that replace contentious synthetic chemicals, such as parabens, SLS / SLES, and mineral oils.

The issues associated with green formulations are discussed, including product performance, stability, safety and costs. An overview is given of leading natural and organic standards for brands looking to take the certification route. Practical advice is given to companies looking to develop 'chemically-clean' cosmetics and personal care products.

Workshop II: Business Openings in Global Natural & Organic Cosmetics Market

Asia's share of the global market for natural & organic cosmetics has increased substantially in recent years. In spite of high market growth rates, many growth obstacles remain. This workshop gives a detailed account of the global market for natural & organic cosmetics, highlighting trends and developments in the major geographic regions.

The major market trends are highlighted, including developments in raw materials, products, distribution, and competition. Insights are given into consumer behavior, including motives and attitudes towards natural and organic products. Case studies are given of successful brands who are riding the green wave. Future growth projections are given, as well as business openings for new entrants and existing participants.


Tuesday 13th November: Day Two

Session One: Sustainability Developments

The opening session gives an update on sustainability developments in the Asian cosmetics industry. With ocean plastic a major concern, a pioneering organisation shows how packaging loops for cosmetic & personal care products can be closed. Another paper looks at ways to measure impacts across cosmetic supply chains, and the role of insetting. A case study is given of an ethical cosmetic brand on how it is addressing its various impacts.


Session Two: Marketing Best-Practices

India has one of the most prospective markets but also inaccessible markets - for natural and organic cosmetics. A major Indian organic brand gives details on how it is building distribution. An international natural cosmetics firm gives insights into how it is expanding in the Asian market. Another case study is of a novel brand with food-based cosmetics. How are such brands tackling the marketing and distribution obstacles in Asia? How are they building a customer base with their natural & organic products? What marketing activities are most effective? Such questions will also be addressed in this session.


Session Three: Natural Ingredients for Sustainability

A wide range of natural ingredients are now available for cosmetic and personal care applications; this session covers recent developments. An update is given on natural skincare ingredients that are being used for functionality, followed by the use of plant cell technology to produce novel actives is discussed. With Asia housing the largest Muslim population, there is growing interest in Halal cosmetics. Details are given of certification, as well as permitted / prohibited ingredients. Case studies are given of natural cosmetic brands using sustainable ingredients to create novel products, followed by a panel discussion in which some of the common issues associated with natural ingredients are debated.


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