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Previous Events

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is organized by Organic Monitor. We have been organizing workshops, seminars and summits on sustainable product industries for over 10 years. We have hosted seminars, workshops and summits on natural cosmetics and sustainability at various international locations that include New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Dubai, Bologna, Barcelona, Munich and Nuremberg.

Recent events organized by Organic Monitor include...

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: North American edition pics (New York, May 15)

         Green Emulsifiers & Surfactants Workshop (Barcelona, April 15)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2015 North American edition (San Francisco, Jan '15)

         Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Green Labeling (California, Jan '15)

         2014 Sustainable Beauty Awards (Paris, Nov'14)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2014 European edition (Paris, Nov'14)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2014 Asia-Pacific edition (Hong Kong, Nov'14)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2014 Latin American edition (São Paulo, Sep'14)

         Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Green Formulations (Paris, June 14)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2014 European edition (Amsterdam, June 14)

         Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2014 North American edition (New York, May 14)

         Natural Cosmetic Innovations Workshop (Ghana, April 14)

         Green Preservatives Workshop (Hamburg, April 14)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2014 Latin American edition (São Paulo, March 14)

         Sustainable Foods Summit: 2014 North American edition (San Francisco, Jan '14)

          Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2013 Asia-Pacific edition (Hong Kong, Nov '13)

          Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2013 European edition pics (Paris, Oct '13)

          Sustainable Beauty Awards (Paris, Oct '13)

          Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2013 Latin American edition (São Paulo, Sep '13)

          Sustainable Foods Summit: 2013 European edition (Amsterdam, June '13)

          Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Green Certification & Openings (Dubai, May '13)

          Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2013 North American pics (New York, May '13)

          Green Formulations Workshop (Paris, March '13)

          Sustainable Foods Summit: 2013 American edition (San Francisco, Jan '13)

          Natural Cosmetics Masterclass: Green Formulations (California, Jan '13)

          Sustainable Cosmetics Summit: 2012 European edition pics (Paris, Nov '12)


North America Summit Testimonials

The previous North American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit was held in New York, 16-18th May 2014. Here is a selection of testimonials from delegates at previous North American summits...

"I speak at many events, however this is the only summit I look forward to because I learn here."   the late Horst Rechelbacher, Founder of Aveda and Intelligent Nutrients (USA)

"Thank for a wonderful summit as usual."      Rebecca Hamilton, Owner and Director, W.S. Badger Company (USA)

"I enjoyed the event and found it interesting and was surprised by the number of questions received. I'd be happy to be involved in your events again!"     Dominic Watkins, Partner, DWF (UK)

"Many thanks to all at Organic Monitor for the wonderful summit which I really enjoyed. I got a lot from the event and it has also provided some clarity, direction and ideas for the future."       Gordon Chalmers, Co-Founder and COO of Jasmin Aromatique Skincare (Australia)

"I wanted to congratulate you on an excellent conference...I was impressed with the quality of the speakers, the information covered and the attendance."      Beraca (Brazil)

"I thought the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit was the best Organic Monitor event (now up to 3!) that I have had the pleasure of attending. The schedule of speakers and panelists, and their organization around the subject matters, is always excellent, but what really came through at this summit was the strength of each of the speakers. There wasn't one presentation that I didn't learn a number of very useful things, and they all added up to tremendous breadth and depth of subject matter. Congratulations!"    Demeter USA

"I wanted to thank you very much for inviting me to this summit. The quality of the programme and the speakers was remarkable."

Previous Testimonials

Here is a selection of testimonials from delegates attending previous summits organized by Organic Monitor...

"I personally enjoyed the summit a lot. It was a real pleasure to meet all this personalities of the 'sustainable environment' and to exchange different ideas and views about our various commitments."     Romain Ruth, CEO of Florame (France)

'This summit was a great service to the industry. There was so much to learn. Well done!'    George Korres, Founder of Korres Natural Products (Greece)

"I just wanted to thank you guys for a wonderful conference. It was very interesting and enjoyable!"     Protea Specialty Chemicals (South Africa)

"Thank you for having us. I really enjoyed the day and I think it is a major event in the sustainable world!"     Symrise (Germany)

'It was a great pleasure for me to come to the Organic Monitor summit...this can only further strengthen the common interests between organizations...Congratulations for a successful and qualitative rich two days meeting.'    Beiersdorf (Germany)

'This was a fantastic summit, I really learned a lot about sustainability over these two days.'    Eco Oil (Argentina)

'I would like to take this opportunity to once again congratulate you on the success of summit held in Frankfurt. From the quality of the discussions , organization of the summit to calibre of participants. We look forward to  participating in next year's event.'    Amina Skin Care (Jordan)

'I thought the event went well... it was very informative. Venue was great!'   Procter & Gamble (UK)

'It was great to be at the summit! The event was really well done and a great forum for information and networking. Thank you for all of your work on putting it together. We were proud to be a sponsor.'  Partnership Capital Growth (USA) 


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