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Programme Overview

The European edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit comprises four distinct sessions and a training workshop.

Session One: Industry Developments

Session Two: Green Materials

Session Three: Blue Beauty Potential

Session Four: Sustainabiity Schemes

Workshop: Sustainability in Packaging


Detailed Programme


Session One: Industry Developments

This session covers key sustainability developments in the cosmetics industry.

> Keynote: Designing Products for Circularity
Mapping Supplying Chains for Traceability
> Sustainability Regulations for Cosmetics
> Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Cosmetics
> Sustainable Packaging Trends & Outlook
> Retailing Sustainable Cosmetics
> Encouraging Conscious Consumption
> Panel Discussion: Effective Consumer Communications

Session Two: Green Materials

This session gives details of new and emerging green ingredients for cosmetic and personal care products.

> Sustainable Ingredients from Biotechnology
New Ingredients from Waste Streams
Emerging Sustainable Ingredients
Advances in Botanical Ingredients
Deforestation-Free Supply Chains for Agricultural Commodities
Biodiversity Impact of Raw Materials
> Ethical Sourcing of Natural Ingredients
> Panel Discussion: Sustainable Sourcing Challenges & Opportunities


Session Three: Blue Beauty Potential

This session will explore approaches to creating and marketing marine-friendly cosmetic products.

> Impacts of Personal Care Products on Marine Ecosystems
> The Plastic Footprint of Cosmetics
> Novel Green Packaging Materials
> Innovating with Marine Ingredients
> Formulating with Algae-Based Ingredients
> Creating Marine-Friendly Natural Sunscreens
> Marketing Waterless Beauty Products
> Panel Discussion: Reviving Marine Ecosystems


Session Four: Sustainability Schemes

As sustainability becomes more prominent in the cosmetics industry, the number of sustainability schemes and labels is increasing. This session will provide an update.

> Ethical Labels & Sustainability Schemes Update & Outlook
> Natural & Organic Cosmetics Market Update
> Creating Social Value with Fairtrade Ingredients
> Environmental Impact Labels
> Decarbonisation and Carbon Labelling
> Ethical Sourcing of Rainforest Ingredients
> Labels & Schemes: Brand Perspective
> Panel Discussion: Future Direction of Sustainability Schemes & Labels


Workshop: Sustainability in Packaging

This workshop discusses the various ways cosmetic & personal care brands can move away from single-use plastics and reduce their packaging footprint.


Please contact us to get the detailed summit agenda.

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