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Changing the face of the beauty industry by sustainable development

Novel green ingredients, sustainable packaging and market segmentation will be featured at the North American edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit. Hosted in New York City on 3-5th May, the summit comprises four dedicated sessions and an interactive workshop. Contact us to get the detailed summit agenda.

Although natural ingredients are now widely used in cosmetic & personal care products, there are concerns about long-term developments. Competition for agricultural land is expected to rise in the future, putting a strain on plant-based ingredients. What green sources are emerging for cosmetic ingredients? What developments are occurring in sustainable processing and extraction methods? More details

Sustainable packaging is another focus. How can companies reduce the environmental impact of their packaging? What developments are occurring in eco-design approach and sustainable materials? How can brands close their packaging loops for sustainability? Such questions will be addressed in this eighth North American edition. The Sustainable Cleaning Products Summit will be hosted alongside the summit. More details are on the website

Previous Edition: Watch the video!

Green line

The 2016 North American edition brought together over 140 senior executives from the beauty industry to discuss key sustainability issues. Topics on the summit agenda were sustainability metrics, green formulations and ethical labels. View the summit pics here

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